Day 71.

Rambunctious High School-ers, yelling and screaming as they make their way down the block…  Children in school uniforms, faces greased up, hair filled with bobbles, holding their parent’s hands…screaming, hopping and jumping along the way My Wednesday walk to the train. 

“Hey Girl”

“It’s okay not to have it all figured out. One day you will!”

Day 58.

Goals for the day: 1. Be nice, even when everything in me wants to be a raging cunt. 2. Ignore Ignore Ignore. 3. Write.

Day 54. Day 55. Day 56.

Spent the weekend smoking way more than I should of. Did more planning than executing. Spent more time regretting the past, feeling anxious about the future, and less time being here, now, Present.

Day 52.

You can’t have Light without Darkness… The tress must die in the Fall to bloom in the Spring…. You must shed old negative behaviors, beliefs, sometimes people, in order to let the new in.

Day 51.

I get it, kids are a lot, especially in fucking public….I get it. But damn it! You chose to have them, so sorry, you need to control…guide…handle them. Do not let your Demon child Ethan, ruin the lives of every commuter on the fucking train. No one signed up for that shit !

Day 47,DAY 48, DAY 49.

It’s not easy. It’s not easy trying to picture a world filled with Butterflies and Rainbows, when your reality seems filled with Bats and Cloudy Skies. It’s not easy, but you have to!

Day 46.

“The future not ours to see” Sometimes the best thing to do is to Trust the Process, And know that Everything will happen how it is to meant happen.

Day 45.

You should always be willing to give a helping hand. But I do not believe in helping those who do not want to be help. Some people just like to complain and have people pity them. No ma’m.

Day 44.

Living in NYC will make you bitter, angry and cold. You’ll meet people who have never learned “Please and Thank You.” Constantly come across people who strongly” believe that they are right, no matter what. Living in NYC is not for everyone, especially the weak hearted.

Day 43.

Never been one for Group Activities, Team Building, Ice Breakers etc My personality doesn’t allow it, Sorry… ‭