On your mark, get set, go….wait! Now, go!

Wow Wow Wow…I really dropped the ball last year, and I’m not too proud about that. I can give the regular B.S excuses like “I was soo busy”, “I didn’t have the time”, “I’m too tired”. Right B.S.. Truth. I got overwhelmed, mm, maybe underwhelmed with life. I had officially joined the “rat race”, and accepted my place amongst the savages on the NYC-MTA trains during rush hour. I accepted it, and I was going it to live it. I mean, I would just have to spend my life working a job, I give zero fucks about until I am old and wrinkly. Probably miserable and always complaining, we can all think of one old wrinkly elderly person in our lives…your parents *shrug*

I went about my everyday life, in the rat race. Clocking in, clocking out. Being unhappy, but telling myself I was..happy. The shit we do.

Anyways, to cut this short. I realized how much I missed writing, missed posting, and missed being able to step out of the crazy-disgusting rat race we are forced to be part of. I realized that this thing…because, welp I honestly don’t know what I’m doing here :), actually helps me relieve a lot

So, this year I promise to :

  • Write more
  • Post more
  • Focus on improving my writing
  • Finding and joining a writing group/book club

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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