I am Okay with being a Bitch.

**There’s being a Bitch- “Self-Assertive”, and being a Bitch-“Cunt”. Today, Bitch means Self-Assured**

I don’t pride myself on it, but I am not ashamed either.

Because I would much rather be a BITCH, than a people pleaser.

Growing up, I though I had to be nice, even when others weren’t so nice to me. I thought being nice would make others like me more; and being liked was very VERY important to me.

Throughout my childhood, adolescents years and into the start of Adulthood:

I was a people pleaser.
I had to be liked.
I had to conform.


I don’t give a fuck.

I am not here to please ANYBODY, not even my family. I am here for me. To live in my light, and to live out MY purpose. I am not here to be liked. Don’t like me. I’m still living. I like me. I love me. I love who I’m becoming. And if shedding remnants of the old Kat, parts that were holding me back, that were no longer serving me; makes me a BITCH, so be it.

When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. No plus 1s.

I don’t want to 113 yrs in bed upset, because I lived my life pleasing people.

I want to be 113 yrs and Happy. Knowing I lived my life for me, how I wanted to live it.

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