A Foreseeable Love.

He wraps me up in a love that I have never experienced. A love that for so long, had left me hungry and starving, yearning and wanting for years.

His love is beyond what I could have imagined.

But I saw him, I knew he was coming, I knew you would come. I manifested you. Not like witches, or voodooist sitting around with candles and sage, singing spiritual songs as powerful as the “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” I’ve always thought of you, you’ve always been on my mind. Like when a child has a special toy in mind for their Birthday, but their birthday isn’t for another 6 months.

Every failed relationship, represented another month that I would have to wait to have you. But I didn’t give up hope, because I asked for you and knew that God, the universe would bless me with you. You were my gift, my gift of Patience, Faith, and Conviction.

You do not complete me or make me whole. Because I was me, I am Me before and during you. You help bring out the WHOLE me. The parts I hide, because I’ve been told too many times they were too loud for this world. Parts you dive deep inside of me to find and pull out. Parts of me you love and kiss delicately each and everyday we lay in our love. Parts you say make you love and want me more. Parts you help me learn to celebrate.

I do not NEED you, nor do you NEED me. We WANT each other.

Our love is not restricting. We are plants in a garden, our love watering and nurturing our growth. We do not believe in a love that keeps you. We understand love is meant to teach you lessons, grow you, and humble you.

Although the purpose of love is not creation. I can’t wait to expand our love.

Our son will see the world as gentle and forgivable, leading him to never give up on the good that’s out there; some will call his willingness to love the world around him as naive; but he is his mother’s son and he walks this world with a calmness in his demeanor that mirrors his father. A man that stands for what he believes in, and does not wave the flag in the face of opposition. He will learn the power of his words and know the power of his strength.

Our daughter is everything they say daughters should not be, and we love it. She is loud, and speaks up. Her self-determination leaves us nervous, yet envious of how brave she is at such a young age. We cheer her on. But we know where she gets it. She is her father’s daughter. Determined and persistent. No is not in your, or part of her vocabulary. You have taught her that NO, means try again or Plan Z. I watch our daughter, and see how she tries to mirror her big strong poppa. She stands like you, and nods like you. I’ve found her trying to pee like you many times. But I catch her, catch the me in her. The part of her who wants to save the world, and everything in it. I see the anger in her eyes. when she is misunderstood, but like her mother she will learn; she is not meant to be understood, she is meant to do. She has more determination and drive, she WILL save this world.

Our beautiful children, that split our features between them. My slanted eyes and cheek bones, your strong jaw line and that gap in your smile that won me over.

Maybe you’ll come tomorrow, and we can begin our journey before February.

Maybe I have a few more “months” until my Birthday.

I am patient, because you are my forever. I know of the love that will be between us, the love we will make, and the love we will create.

****P.S: Get it alllllll out your system ;), wrap it up too****

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