New Friends.

I’ve been “friending” the wrong way. Let me explain.

Last year, last summer. I ended a lot of relationships with people that I thought I would never separate from. At the time, I was really hurt by the ending of these relationships, but after the initial hurt. I realized the truth behind these relationships.

My realizations:

  • I never had a Real  friend.
  • I choose friends based on convenience.
  • I didn’t even like some of the “friends” that I did have.
  • I need to pick my friends better.

I use to have friends, a long time ago. When I was more naive, and susceptible to the b.s.
I think the last genuine friendship I had, was when I was 15 years old. Every friendship after that has been
(a) To avoid loneliness
(b) I did not want to be mean
(c) To avoid loneliness.

It’s so sad. I legit can not remember that last genuine friendship that I formed. The last friendship I formed, because I actually liked the person; and not because I needed someone to hang out with, or to go places with. But, because I genuinely liked the person, and wanted to be their friend, because I knew we shared similar interests.

Now in my late 20’s, soon to be entering my glamorous 30’s. I think that.

I know that..I need to start making better choices when it comes to friends, and not just make friends for convenience.

I want friends that I can:
Laugh with
Be Authentic with
Share some deep shit with
Friends that want to talk about God and the Universe
Friends that see the Bigger Picture in life
Friends that don’t dip as soon as they get into a relationship.

I need Ride-A-die hoes on my team….no more lukewarm shit…..

So I’m making the conscious decision, to make a conscious effort when it comes to picking my friends.

If I don’t want any half ass friends, I have to stop half ass picking them!

So here’s to forming a new Girlfriends group in 2019….

I’m ready to have a Joan and Lynn in my life….

Image taken from Dope_black_art- ig

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