2019. One-A-Day.

I want to make myself proud.

I want to be proud of myself.

So, I’ve set a goal.

A Haiku a day. Everyday. For the entire 2019 year.

Am I a Haiku Queen. No.

I think the last Haiku I wrote was in High School, and I distinctively remember not getting the point of a Haiku, but it’s the most realistic “one-a-day” thing I could actually handle right now….annnnnnyyyywho.

I want to actually set a plan to do something and actually do it. Not half ass it or start strong and just bloop.

I want to.

I WILL write 1 Haiku a day. For all you Haiku Connoisseurs, it might not be an actual fucking Haiku.

But I will be posting 3 lines, which google has told me consists of:

  • First Line- 5 Syllables.
  • Second Line- 7 Syllables.
  • Third Line- 5 Syllables…….(Someone mentioned it needs to be about nature….but again….not a Haiku Queen)

Soooo, be on the look out for something like that, everyday. EVERYDAY. Because she, I , will be posting a Haiku every single day.

I’m repeating it so its real.

I need some accountability in my life and here is the start.

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