Start Small and Simple..right?

It’s so easy to feel stuck, especially when the world around you is constantly moving.

It’s even harder in the society we live in today. Where everyone..EVERYONE..or so they say, is making moves.

Its sucks even more when you see people who are 15 years old, making moves and you’re stuck like………

I know everyone is on their own journey, and we all have our own individual ETAs. It’s just sometimes I just want it now, but that’s silly huh?

I want a road map, a guide, a brochure on “how to”. Something universe!

Today’s Daily Horoscope said I was on the right path, do I believe them? I don’t fucking know.

Some days I’m like, “Ok Kat, you got this girl, you’re doing good”

Other days, I’m like “Fucking-A Kat, get one fucking shit completed and done…ONE.

Today is a “Fucking-A Kat” kind of day.

And I’m trying to push past it, because I DO have faith in the universe. I’m just not patient enough.

I feel like I should be doing more. But I honestly don’t know what.

I guess I can start small, and simple right…

A page a day,

Working on my paintings every weekend.

Join some clubs.

While these seem like decent steps, that all I feel that they are…decent.

But I guess you gotta work your way up.

A page a day turns to 5 pages a day…..I guess.

Anywho, just a quick ramble on what’s been pooping my mind today.

Til the next one…..

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