Happy Sunday!-Family Day at the Farm.

We took the boys to the Farm today, we haven’t been to that farm since Kian was 3 years old, I think this will be our first time taking Niko. 

Michael finally took a day off from being “Great”, today he said he would focus on just being a “Great Dad”, which is great for all of us. 

The boys were so excited to get dressed this morning, and I was to in awe to tell them to change.

So here we are sitting on the carriage ride,

Kian wearing his hat from his Fall’s Harvest play, a beetroot, at least we’re at the farm. He wore his “fancy” jacket, because well to Kian the farm is Fancy. So with his beetroot hat sitting on his head, and the jacket we usually wear to special occasions, like My Senior Editor (VP, COO, w.e) husband’s retirement dinner at The Peninsula Beverley Hills Hotel paired with some sneakers (at least we had a win with that), Kian was readdyyy. 

Beetroot Hat

Niko, on the other hand, my sweet baby Niko, said FUCK it. Niko said today I am Spiderman. Full on Spiderman costume, with matching Blue rain boots, at least he matches. 

Mom and Dad, proud. Just happy they’re happy, we will never see these strangers again, idc about your judgments on my parenting style…..


Niko spotted the ponies before the rest of us, and he made sure to announce it. 


Niko reminds me so much of the kid I hid inside of me growing up…The kid that was told “shhh, you’re too loud” , “You talk too much”, “Calm down, relax” or my favorite “Enough….be quiet”. 

I never tell my kids BE QUIET. Speak, speak until you run my fucking ears crazy, I’ll wear ear plugs.

When I had Kian, I promised to never silence any my children. Never quiet their personalities. Not like I was.

The Four of us.

The Four of Us made our way to the Ponies, with Commander Niko leading the way.

Once we got there, Kian showed us how much he was like his father….

“How long were we doing ponies for?”

“Where are we going after seeing the ponies?”

“When would we take a break for lunch?”

“What was for lunch?”

My little planner, just like his father, my little Adult.

I take a lot of deep breath with my Kian, only because he reminds me, too much that “Yes Kat, you need structure….sometimes”

The Farm was amazing, and just what we needed. The last few weeks have been filled with meetings, plans and boring adult things. Today was Family Day. A Great Family day.

Michael and I got to sit on the picnic tables and watch the beauty and magic we’ve created run and play, thinking how worth it was. The weeks of meetings and boring adult things. Praising all our hard work, both silently thinking, how far we’ve come from our own humbling beginnings.

How we saved our children from seeing struggles that we have seen, or endured as children when we were the same ages as them. 

We are Blessed, beyond what we ever could have imagined.

And without realizing it, we both let out a silent “Thank You”, praising God for never letting us go and always being their for us, supporting us. 

The boys were asleep before we even made it out the gates of the Farm, which meant the day was a success for all us, a success for our little Family. 

Ask and it shall be..

Fictional Story, Until it’s no longer a Fictional Story

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