Girl, Come On!….We’re ALL Cute!

Find yourself  ladies, stop thinking every other women is your competition.

Stop it!

Stop stank grilling other women because you feel insecure.

It’s disgusting.

Love yourself girrrrrlllll


Don’t ever let another woman make you so pressed!

No other woman is going to steal off your plate…

Not every women is out here plotting against you or trying to get your man, ma’m you can definitely have him.

Have him girllllllll, suffocate him til he dies and then now NO ONE will or can have him.

Stop thinking we can’t ALL be cute….

That’s the beauty of this beautiful universe and our ooo sooo giving God.

There is enough for all of us.

We are all cute. You’re cute. She’s cute. I’m cute. We’re all cute. 

So that means sweetheart, You can still be a bad bitch, and so can SHE, the girl sitting across from you that you’ve been stank grilling the entire ride…tisk tisk. 

It’s just that…I don’ t want you to stop your blessings because you are too focused on others….

Don’t look at other women, or any one for that matter as competition. Instead it should be inspiration for you. 

Your hating (it’s a verb…I made it a verb), is just your own insecurities coming out, which means your subconscious is screaming that you need to work on yourself(something).

So take it as a “I gotta step it up” moment, rather than an “Aww man”  moment. 

Good day Beautifuls…all of you, us! 

Now go work on yourself!

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