Parents mean well, but have a funny, bad, way of showing it.

“Don’t let people think for you that’s the moment you begin to lose yourself and begin to transform into that person worst fears and doubts.”- Me at 3 am.

As children we have so much aspirations, hopes, wishes and dreams..

Then we come across certain Adults in our lives who tell us “no”, tells us “Yeah sure that sounds great but“, or my personal favorite “I did that once andd” or “blah blah blah”.

Some of us, a lot of us, are blessed with these Adults as Parents. And it’s all some of us hear everyday growing up. That constant hidden fear, worry and doubt, that is like a whisper, but not really a whisper. Sometimes they’re better off just screaming “NOOOO, I’M SCARED DON’T DO IT”.

Subconsciously, our parents who love us and are genuinely trying to protect us from all possible trauma are really just creating anxiety provoked, sometimes angry Adults…not your fault Mommy. I understand…..*deep sigh* I really do.

SO, we transform from an “anything is possible” child into an “everything is scary” Adult.

Afraid to take chances. So you don’t go after that job offer in California because you remember your father’s traumatic story. Your Father’s traumatic story about the time he took a chance and applied to a job out in Milwaukee, did the whole interview, moved out there, but didn’t get the job.

However, what Poppa Bear forgot to mention was that he put all his eggs in one basket. Let failure scare him so bad he just gave up. He didn’t mention to the poor hopeful 8 year-old you that he never tried applying to another job while he was in Milwaukee. That he felt so nervous he may have let his nerves get the best of him during the interview. He failed to mention that he didn’t adequately prepare for the interview.

But all you know is…”Father knows best”

Wrong. Father knows what Father knows.

Father knows his life experiences.

Fathers life experiences, are not your life experiences.

His failures are not your failures, and will not be your failures.

Father chose to give up.

You can choose to not give up.

Now, Father definitely meant well. He was just trying to protect you from the same disappoint he felt the one time he chose to take a chance, and it blew up in his face. That one time.

But here’s your chance. If you don’t want to grow up to become that Adult that has that look in their eyes of regret, what ifs, and just lost hopes.

Then, Take your Parent’s advice. But understand that. It’s just advice. At the end of the day, at the end of it all. You have to make the final decision.

Do it.

Take chances.

Don’t give up.

Take some more chances.

Take a million chances.

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