Happy Sunday Ya’ll-Insecurities.

Insecurities can make you do very ugly things.

Behave in very ugly ways.

Make you do things you never thought you would do, but later find yourself doing.

Insecurities will have you stuck and looking at the entire world as if it is your enemy,

Looking for individuals to blame for your shortcomings.

Insecure people are nasty and just not fun to be around.

We all have insecurities, just don’t become those insecurities.

Don’t look at everyone as if they’re taking food off of your plate.

There is enough for everyone to eat.

You, Her, Him, Them….enough for EVERYBODY. 

Don’t become some evil-mean-jealous individual because you feel like you’re missing something. 

You’ll block your Blessings. 

And you’ll become even angrier watching everyone else move on in life, while you’re stuck being an angry-hating ass-BettyAnn. 

So yeah, we all have insecurities…Thank You Society.

But do not let those insecurities become you.

Don’t be that person looking around the world as if it’s taking from  from your bucket of happiness.

Because quite frankly sweetums…you’re the only one taking away from your plate of happiness.


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