“Lady on the train with the African Tribal Skirt…….. and snow boots”

At first I was rooting for you, you and your pretty African tribal skirt.

Didn’t care for the tacky snow boots you paired with them, but it’s winter and cold outside.

So you have been excused.

Ma’m you are such an old miserable cunt.

Not only did you get on the train and push thru like people were taking up space in your own personal home, but then chose to stand in the middle of the train(in front of me) like u were calling attention to the middle pole for an early 9 am striptease.

So when I mention to your DUMBASS one of the dumb things you’ve done among the many….you catch an attitude. At your tender age you catch an attitude. Tisk Tisk.

And by old, I’ll give you a solid 47…50.

I’m a nice person so we’ll just say, “matured women”.

So, matured women. You catch an attitude when I ask you to stop kicking my foot. I asked you to STOP KICKING MY FOOT AND YOU CAUGHT AN ATTITUDE. Bitccccchhhhh.

So old me….old me from 3 weeks ago, would have lit that fucking train on fire with my yells and screams and “fuck you’s”.

But you petty petty, miserable matured bitch, u got lucky this morning.

This morning, I prayed on the train before my journey…

I spoke with God and the Universe before leaving my home….

Just to be ready for bitches like you.

And I was ready.

Because I was not going to let you, you with your tribal skirt and ill matched gray snow boots…smh..ruin my day.

So after your bullshit display of ignorance.

I just simply got up, did the “look you up and down thing” (cause I know how that burnnnnnss) and just walked away…..because you will not ruin my day.

And as I got up, God sent me a little reassurance, a little “good job!”…

As I got up, there was the cutest little baby by the door with his momma-bear, with his beautiful greenish-blue eyes just glistening …and he smiled at me ya’ll…and that changed everything….

Wasn’t thinking about that nasty miserable lady, or any one on the train and their judgments.

In that moment he reminded me of the Bigger Picture, got me back, back to remembering the person I am becoming. The person I am.

So Fuck You Lady with the African Tribal Skirt and ugly gray snow boots.

And Thank You Beautiful Greenish-Blue Eyed baby by door, I hopes life blesses you with everything you want in life and more…

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll !

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