Disney’s Peaceful Piano…

Is the best thing that could have happened to me this Friday!

I am beyond thankful and happy for it!

I’m legit getting ready to cry as I’m listening to “Can you feel the love” ….

I’m not sure if it’s because it reminds me of my childhood, or because it’s soothing…Because I hate being an adult sometimes.

But it did something to me. I kid you not, something took over me…or came over me.

I felt this undeniable feelings of just peace. I felt at peace.

Disney’s Peaceful Piano brought me Peace.

I appreciate moments like this in life.

The simple moments, moments you can’t quite understand or explain but all you know is you wouldn’t mind staying and being stuck in that little moment for a little bit.

God is bringing change. Positive Growing Change. I need to be Strong Open and Willing…

Thank you soo sooooo much Disney…

You guys may have some questioning cartoons….

But you guys came through with the classics…

Came through on this gloomy Friday

Came through in this shitty week!

Came through when I was feeling like “Fuck this shit”.

Appreciate the little things guys!

They’re the BEST!

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