“Secure your mask on first!”

Take a sip of this coffee…

“You can not take on everyone else’s problems. Sometime you just have to let people fuck up on their own, and learn from their own mistakes. You can not save everyone. And, not everyone is not looking to be saved. You drive your-self crazy, worrying about the dangers OTHERS might face. But baby, you have you own demons, are making mistakes on your own, and your own life can use a little rearranging/reorganizing. Take a seat. You know how on the plane they advise (tell) the passengers “Secure your mask first, before helping your neighbor” (or w.e), that should be the rule. You go crazy trying to figure out how can you help and save the world, but you need to save yourself first. Some may see this as being selfish, but it’s not. You can not help others, if you are a fucking mess. You just can’t. So get your shit together first, then you can be of real help.”

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