Signs The Universe is Listening

3 Signs The Universe is Listening

1. The First sign that The Universe is listening, You suddenly feel at peace. images (4)
You are not on edge, or on the verge of having a panic attack. You feel an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness. You set out your intentions, and you are confident that The Universe has heard you and will deliver.
2. The Second sign that The Universe is listening, You see Synchronicity all around You.
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           You see signs of your set intention all around you. Be present, and pay attention to the many ways The Universe is letting you know “I hear you, it’s coming” or  just “I hear you.” The Universe uses many methods, techniques, communicate with us. Sometimes The Universe speaks to us through others, maybe something has been heavy on your mind. The Universe will send you that overly friendly older lady on the train, who will out of no where start a conversation with you, and in that conversation, if you are open and receptive, you will hear The Universe speak to you. Either the older lady may tell you a story of her own life, and her tribulations; but something in that the conversation will set of bells, you’ll become overwhelmed with a feeling of relief, it’s an undeniable feeling. You’ll feel it, then you’ll know, The Universe is listening.
3.The Third sign that The Universe is listening, You move at your own pace
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        You’re no longer in a race against time, because you understand that time is limitless. You will also realize that you are no longer in competition with others, because The Universe’s resources are abundant. When you begin to realize that the only competition you have out in this world is yourself, you begin to move and carry yourself in a different way. And, The Universe will take note.

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