Not today Sally,

Note to my co-worker:


“Girl! Where do you know me from? We’ve only been working together for less than a month

I get that you fell for this bomb personality, but enough!

You’re making me uncomfortable now, and making me feel like I need to come out of my character to remind you. We are co-workers! Not blood sisters!

I mean, in the beginning you seemed cool, talked alot…should have been the first sign.

But now, uh-uh.

Stop walking into my office 10mins after clocking in, ready to complain. Its as if you wait for me to come in to spill your heavy load of bullshit on to my desk..

And unfortunately, I do not care…not one bit…

Not about your boyfriend

Not about ain’t shit sister

Your bat-shit crazy mom…..

None of it.


Not sorry.

It’s just that I hate people like you.

Energy suckers.

And that’s what you are. Which is sad, because you do have some like-able traits..

But Bitch, your need to complain is too strong….

I keep forgetting you’re a little bit younger, but uh..not an excuse..

Get your shit together….in your own office.

Then we can meet in the shared kitchen…because you have been banned from MY office…uhhh”

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