Social Media.

Some days I really consider getting back on social media…

I feel so out the loop sometimes..

Sometimes I really care

Sometimes I don’t give a fuck.




All of it…

I get the original purpose of these various social media outlets

Connect people. Meet new People. Share sweet memories and thoughts.

But the shit that’s out….

It’s all just a platform to continue the disgusting cycle of comparison, feeling less than and like you need to keep up..keep up with what idk…

I remember waking up every morning to my instagram feed…

Every morning before setting my affirmations for the day, setting my mind space, scoping out my fucking day…the first thing I did before even saying good-morning to family…get on instagram

Which would never set my day up for success

Because the first thought I had for the day would be….my life isn’t enough.

And my life is Enough

Now, this may not be an issue for everyone, but definitely something I realized for myself when using social media

Social Media made me sad….hmmmm

Yeaaa I was part of the weak crew….who lets facades get to her….

However, I will not lie to you beautiful people… I will not…

Since getting off Social Media, yea I’m not shooting out sunshine and butterflies..but I am I guess a little more connected. More aware of the facades being portrayed and carried out by people. More connected to what is real and what is fake.

Getting off Social Media showed me how many of the pictures that I’ve obsessed over, gotten sad over, became hopeless over(dramatic), how many of those pictures were just facades, like the pictures we see of models having fake fun in magazines….

You scammers.

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