It’s Okay to cry..

The older I get the more I realize just how much of a sensitive person I am.

I use to think I was so “hard“. Never allowing myself the time or opportunity to ever get a good cry out. To this day I think of crying as of sign of weakness sometimes, even though I know it’s not.

I could never just sit in my feelings

It made me uncomfortable. Makes me uncomfortable.

I can deal with everyone’s emotions, but mines.

I hate being vulnerable.

It makes me uncomfortable.

But I realized that I had been equating being vulnerable with being weak.

Now, I’m starting to realize how my fear of coming off weak, was actually making me a weak person.

The strongest people, to me, are those who are the most vulnerable, or allow themselves to be vulnerable…”cough” Oprah.

As I continue to grow, and learn. I’m beginning to understand that it’s okay to cry..

It’s okay to get fed up, and tired.

It’s okay to feel….

And to feel every emotion.

I’m also beginning to learn that you should celebrate EVERY emotion.

No I’m not saying to throw a soiree, every time you cry or want to be a grumpy Bitch..

But you shouldn’t feel like you HAVE TO hide away in your room, in the dark, because you”re in a tearful-grumpy-Bitch mood.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your tears…

I’m learning that, now…


Do you know who doesn’t feel…a psychopath..Psychopaths do not feel, or feel only one feeling…I am not a licensed psychologist, idk..

Are you a psychopath…hopefully not…but I’m pretty sure you’re not because you’ve made it this far down this post.


Cry baby….Cryyyyyy

No. But Cry if you need to cry. Let it out.

Let it out, then let it go!

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