Lady with the Pretty Red lipstick.

Red Lips.

High Heels.

Hair Flowing.

Construction workers staring

“Excuse me Ma’m, but damn you’re gorgeous”

“Thank You” you say, barely making eye contact.

She struts as she walks past them

She stops traffic, but she never stops

Because in her mind, her thoughts never stop.

Pretty lady with the red lips, you walk the streets so confidently,

Yet you end each day trying to convince yourself “I AM ENOUGH”.

Women stare at you with envy. Holding on a little tighter to the man next to them. Hoping they are not as lost in your red lips as their female companion.

Pretty lady with the red lips, what do you want. What do you crave?

Whose broken you, and left you in such disdain.

Don’t give up.

He who has broken you, was not he who made you.

Life gets better, remember that lady with the pretty red lipstick.

Continue sashaying.

Continue ignoring cat-calls

Continue reminding yourself, telling yourself “I AM ENOUGH”.



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