Fruit of the Spirit.

Fruit of the Soul…….










These are the Fruit of the Soul. 9 Characteristics. 9 seeds to plant into your life. 9 ways to get closer to our Infinite Source, closer to being a true Infinite Being.

Removing yourself from your flesh, and realizing how truly great and powerful you are.

I need to feed my soul.

Which is probably why I feel so empty somedays.

My soul…My spirit…Is hungry…

Hungry for Love

Hungry for Joy

Hungry for Peace

Hungry for Forbearance(Patience)

Hungry for Kindness

Hungry for Goodness

Hungry for Faithfulness

Hungry for Gentleness

and Hungry for Self-Control….

While I may try to feed my spirit daily with a handful of these fruits……

I am low in….




and Self-Control.

Gotta get those vitamins back up….Lol….But seriously…

Each day, I promised myself.

Each day, I will feed my spirit a portion of these 9 Fruits of the Spirit.

Whether it be a small tiny portion of Forbearance or a large meal of Kindness.

It is time to feed my Spirit.

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