Embracing the “Difficult” Days

This transitional phase that I am in, that I am going through, has required much of me. And some days I embrace the transition and openly welcome the changes, the changes to come. Other days, the difficult days, its a little harder, and my pep talks get a little stronger.

I just tell myself, remind my self.

WE NEED to make these changes.

I need to make these changes in my life, because I am ready for my life to  change…for the better, duh Sally!

Yeah. So, some days are definitely harder than others, but those days bring the most lessons.

The small (because they are small, when looking at the bigger picture) challenges I face throughout the day, always remind me or teach me how strong I really am.

And while it is not always,  I am beginning to embrace those “difficult” days….we do not call, or welcome them.

But we let them happen, go through them, learn from them and walk away stronger.


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