My people. Sometimes we just be doing too much. But I get it.

While I love my people, like absolutely fucking love ya”ll. But! Bro! Black people do the absolute most. Which honestly doesn’t help us, or me when I ‘m out here fighting our case against these white people…not that kind of post, so please no “We don’t care what they think”. 

We do the absolute most, and I think a lot of our extra-ness stems from the fact that other than being extra, as unfortunate as it, being “extra” is the only thing many of us have.

We’re extra with our clothing and the need to have designer brands, and be on top of the latest trend.

Whenever we go out to social functions. Like, Yes. White people are fucking loud too, and lets not exclude the Mexicans. The loudness I am referring to is different. It’s a different kind of loudness. And, my fellow black people know exactly the kind of loudness I am referring to.

Regardless, We are fucking extra. Most the time.

Here are my theories, on why we are so subconsciously extra:

-Since we do not OWN the spaces we are usually in or occupying, we have to command our places in these/those spaces. How else do you command attention in an area….LOUDNESS, demanding the eyes and ears.

-We’ve been silenced and told to remain in the background for so many decades, centuries, and still today. So how do we make up for the lost years, and fight back today. We make our Presence known. “Nobody Puts baby in the corner”, nobody BOB.

-Years of systematic racism, institutional racism, racism. Anyhooooo, it is a well known fact that the system placed in this world, but especially in this country, has strategically made it difficult for Black people to reach financial freedom, let alone financial stability.

                 -So we do not have properties to show off, bank accounts, businesses, 4-Car Garage Homes. So how can we show our neighbors, the man on the train, our bitch-ass co-worker Tamara that we are “financially getting it”. We buy jordans, wear the latest designer coats, forget to pay our light bills. We are loud and extra with out appearance, because for some of us, how we look, is really all we have. 

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA……no pun intended:::::

Lets not forget the fucking attitudes, like behind theses Latinx, we are leading the race for “Mutha-Fuckers with the worse attitudes”, and we’ve won, keep winning. The Beckys tried to run up on us and steal the title, but nope. Shot them bitches our typical side-eye and sucking of the teeth, and kept our fucking title…….Idk why.

But uggggggg……my black people. We be doing too fucking much with the fucking attitudes too. 

Like I can not keep excusing Taj and her nasty ass attitude to,”Well she just had a rough morning, her boyfriend was probably a dick, institutional racism …I don’t fucking know.”  But, the minute Becca comes around on her slightest shit, be ready to flip tables.

My Black people, we do the absolute most.

But I understand,

I get it.

****This post has absolutely nothing to do with Black people and our fabulous-ness and our ability to inspire the millions. Because yes, while we are extra! We are also Trendsetters, Resilient, Fighters, Inspiring, Motivating, and Cool enough to do the shit we do ***

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