Smile Kat:

Smile when you’ve been trying the entire day to stay positive, but you feel old, dangerous, and negative habits creeping up…Smile, You are going through a process. A process that isn’t easy, but definitely worth it. A process that will require being both Patient + Kind, with Kat.

Smile even after the tenth time of explaining to your family that their ways are  toxic and you can no longer enable/entertain it….Smile, just like you, they are going through a process, a process of unlearning and learning. Be Patient + Kind, with them.

Smile after responding to his text message. Your response, is not you giving in, or accepting his actions. Smile, because you know you’re his mistake, his regret, his Braxton Tiller’s Exchange song, but unfortunately that is his problem. Smile, because you’re done.

Smile, don’t let frustration and thoughts of past situations affect new, great, happening-now opportunities. Smile, next time will be different from last time. Smile, HE will not be like him.

Smile because  LIFE IS AWESOME and shit will work out!

Smile because you know the Rainstorms are temporary, but necessary for there to be Sunshine.

Smile because you DO NOT hold all the problems of the world.

Smile because you were fortunate, and lucky enough to get another day to SMILE.



*Has any one else realize what a weird spelling the word SMILE has…S-M-I-L-E…sssss-Mile* Side note. But. SMILE people SMMMIILLEEE….SSSSMILE!

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