Figuring Shit Out.

Life is an endless journey, right? That’s what they say. And that’s how I am starting to really see it. Why limit ourselves or down play what we want because of fear, or doubt. If life is an endless journey than that means, endless possibilities. Over that last two years, I have really been on this journey or quest to figure out  life, figure out what I want out of life. These last two years have been spent reading countless self-empowerment books, spiritual books, “make-me-better” books. Please lets not leave out the billion of youtube videos on The Law of Attraction and how to manifest what you want in your life. While all of these videos have been informative and brought about some new found knowledge, there was never an “ah-ha” moment. Not until recently. I think my problem has always been I never really knew what I was looking for in these books and movies, or maybe I just never really knew what I was looking for in life. By not having a clear understanding or vision on what I wanted out of life, I was unable to use any of the things that I have learned. I think I’m beginning to figure out what it is exactly I want out of life, and I am happy with my vision, and I have faith in my vision. I feel like the struggle of figuring out what I wanted in life has actually helped me in figuring it out. I know that a lot of my dilemma was based off  fear, and fear projected by others, and the experiences of others. Now, I am beginning to realize their journey is not my journey. Their failures are not my failures. While the process has been long and will be long, I am okay with that, because Life’s Journey is endless, and MY  life’s journey has just began!


*sorry if this seems all over, I like to type as I think*

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