Get it together. Enough. You are in the same place you were a year ago, talking and complaining about the same things you were then. What changes have you made? You promised this would be YOUR year. Well with 3 months left, its time to “do-what-it-do” sista girl, and make something of 2017. It’s not to late, and a start is a start. Just do something girl! Like yes, yes be realistic, but JUST DO SOMETHING!

Aren’t you tired of seeing everyone accomplish their set goals, while you’re sitting on the sidelines cheering them on (not saying I’m not happy for and proud of my friends’ accomplishments. I’ll be your cheerleader any given day, not the point!). Maybe it’s time for you to wake up and actually do something- googling doesn’t count! Neither does watching “law of attraction” videos on YouTube. Make something of the day.Whether that means writing a post, or applying to schools, or doing something productive for work, just be productive! Stop running home after work just to watch an episode of “Real Housewives of..” whatever. Those women on t.v have already made it (whichever way that was). You on the other hand my friend (while extremely grateful for my current standing in life) need to get the fuck up and move

I’m not yelling at you. I’m just letting you know it’s time. Figure it out, make it happen, do something-anything. NO EXCUSES!

Image taken from: ig- @dope_black_art


Image taken

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