But Never Forget. We are Royalty.

Have we forgotten the days when we use to rule. Protecting our kingdoms- side by side. Our children running freely. Enjoying our abundance of food, land and resources.

“Where there are many, nothing goes wrong”. We welcomed foreigners from all over, sharing our resources, providing shelter, educating them in our advancements of the math and sciences. It was in our nature. We are protectors, we are nurturers, we are providers.

So with open arms, we allowed these foreigners into our homes. We allowed them to sit at our tables, eat the food hunted by our men, cooked by our women. They played with our children, listened to the stories of the elders in our tribes. Although we hoped to form a long-lasting relationship with these foreigners, in our ignorance and naiveness we were blind to their true intentions. For all they saw were our gold and silver, the strength and stature of our men, and the golden sun-kissed skin of our curvaceous women.

Wiping away our tears as we watched our kingdoms destroyed, our people stolen, guns to our heads, our spears useless. Families separated-never to be reunited again.

Murdered and silenced were those who objected.

Captured, we boarded ship to unknown destinations, to foreign lands.

Yet we remained strong. We remained strong! Borrowing courage from each other, your tight grip a reminder  of our strength, of our commitment to each other, of what we left behind.

We stood hopeless, angry, hurt as we watched the treatment of our fellow Black Kings and Queens now mistaken for animals-less than animals. Skin once draped in gold and silver, now draped in chains. Kings and Queens who once walked through beautiful kingdoms, filled with beautiful art, and statues,  now laying practically naked on their backs on the cold-wet floor of a ship.

Stepping off the ship onto this new gray and dark land. The air felt raw and crisp against our skin. The sun was gone. Our skin accustomed to the warm radiance of the sun, now cracked and dried up by this unfamiliar cold air. No more golden skies.

“17 Valuable Young Negroes, Men and Women, No field hands.Sold for no fault. with the best etiy guaranteed”

But never forget.

We are royalty.

“However long the night, the dawn will break.”

We are Kings and Queens.

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