Hello, Hey, it’s Kat

Hello all, and all hello. Not sure where that was going, but whoa this is my first ever blog post, on here at least.Well this is my first ever “we-getting-shit-going” blog. With this platform I plan to, honestly I have no idea, but Hey! We’re writing. So what can you expect:

  • Bad Grammar
  • A lot cursing
  • Strong opinion
  • Everything and Anything involving my concerns or voicing my love for my people, my culture my race
  • Daily excerpt from my OH-SO-Beautiful life šŸ™‚
  • Randomnesss all over the place i guess….maybe…probably


My name is Kat, and I reside in Brooklyn. Brooklyn, NY that is for my out-of-state friends =)…you know my homies in Portland, Baton Rouge, Idaho,-etc . I am young, and at the age where its like either you’re gonna figure shit out orĀ  on the 4train begging for some dollars. This blog is going to be something BIG, just you wait on it Susan. Or, atleast an outlet for me as a great place to share my thoughts, opinions, and interests.


#Black Lives Matter…I’m pretty sure the movementĀ speaks for itself (fist emoji).

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  1. Spiritchi says:

    I love this illustrationšŸ˜©šŸ’›

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